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We are specialists in delivering high-quality talking therapy services in Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire.


You can count on our many years' experience and professional ethics to deliver a service that caters for your needs, we are proud to share our commitment to maintain a client focussed, holistic approach to talking therapies which are easily accessed.

To feel heard and understood without feeling judged is our aim and what our feedback has revealed, we value your opinion and see your life through your eyes, without prejudice.














Thank you Sally,
You gave me more in a few sessions than any other professional has done done in my life, I now feel able to grow and face my fears that have haunted me since I was 3 years old.




Hi Sally

I just wanted to write to say thank you for the support you provided to help us understand our daughters addiction, her reasons are deepseated and have not been easy for her to accept but she is now doing well in recovery.

You helped us understand ourselves and showed deep empathy for our situation, you were never judgemental despite the sensitive subject of addiction and childhood trauma.





I am so grateful for everything you have done for me, you have been 'my light in the darkness' and I would not have grown so much stronger and wiser without your support. It is amazing how much it helps people to understand behaviours especially when it leads to domestic issues, it's so much harder to understand when it's your partner. We have come such a long way with your help.




Dear Sally, just had to say thankyou to you I found the strenth to make a huge decision and have confidence I never had before, I have found a job and ive been there almost 5 months now and if I hadn't had the courage to end my misery with my ex-partner I would still be going round in circles with him, he has moved on too but from what ive heard has stared the same games he played with me with someone else. I now realise i'm worth more than the life I left behind, and it was him not me, even though he used to say everything was my fault. You are my lovely angel and I would definitely recommend you.



Dear Sally

I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed my life, I was in a lonely place, my daughter was using hard drugs and my husband was drinking, I felt so alone and didn't know where to turn. Then you came into my life and changed my whole understanding of addiction and behaviours. You were so patient and kind, you listened to me and watched me cry and then you rebuilt me but always said it was me that rebuilt myself. I could never have done this without you, you changed my future for the better and lit up my life. You seemed to know me insideout from our first meeting it was unbelieveable.




Hi Sally

I guess things will never be perfect as we amagine when we are growing up but I've really had more than my share of bad luck lol, thanks honey for the help with my self worth I really am a sucker sometimes for the hardluck stories but not anymore, without a doubt you helped me see things for what they are. I have 4 kids one of which has down's syndrome (he calls you Nanny McPhee LOL LOL) but my youngest has been such a challenge, you were there for me and helped me make sense of the situation, I will always remember his reaction to you when you spoke to him, it was priceless, he said "whose that??? but in a way i'd never heard come out of his mouth before. Priceless lol x




I am writing to express my thanks for the help received from Sally during our CBT counselling sessions.

They have helped me to see things more clearly and I have learned to approach problems from an alternative perspective and realise how unhelpful some of my behaviours were.

It has enabled me to look at life in a new light and be more positive about myself.

I particularly liked doing the 'rainy day letter' it was eye opening and emotional, you will always be an important part of me growing as a person. I read it when i'm feeling low, it really helps.




Sal you've done so much for me and you have given me the strength to carry on, you have always had the knack of feeding things back to me to put it in perspective :) xxx









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